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Bridging preclinical research and clinical development to accelerate the clinical implementation of unique cancer diagnostics and therapeutics for the long term benefit of cancer patients.

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Innovation is our driving force

SCINTOMICS has a constantly developing and evolving portfolio of unique radiopharmaceuticals and paves the way for clinical development for such Theranostic. We are proud of the fact that several radiopharmaceuticals from our portfolio are currently developed in clinical studies or on the way to market approval in the near future. The certainty that these developments will open up new avenues for the diagnosis and therapy of cancer patients is a great motivation for us to continue mission with great commitment and enthusiasm.



Radiohybrid Technology

A novel class of Radiopharmaceuticals. Radiohybrids are Radiopharmaceuticals that address all aspects of theranostics: that can be labeld with 18F, 68Ga or other positron-emitting radiometals for PET (Dx) or with therapeutic radionuclides as 177Lu or 225Ac for radioligand therapy (Tx).

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Radiohybrid Technology
On-Cartridge Drying
Isotopic exchange
Metabolic Stabilization
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Blue-Earth logo 900400.jpg 5 January 2021

Blue Earth Diagnostics Acquires Exclusive, Worldwide Rights to

Blue Earth Diagnostics has exercised an option to acquire exclusive, worldwide rights to therapeutic applications of novel radiohybrid Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (rhPSMA) technology in prostate cancer

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Header_news_point_thumbnail.jpg 10 March 2020

POINT Biopharma and SCINTOMICS Announce License Agreement

POINT Biopharma Inc. today announced that it has entered into an agreement with SCINTOMICS GmbH for the exclusive use and development of a family of more than seventy patented next generation PSMA radioligands for targeted radiotherapy of prostate cancer.

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PentixaPharm thumbnail news.jpg 6 February 2020

PENTIXAPHARM Secures € 15 Million Series A Financing to Develo

Feburary 6th 2020, WÜRZBURG, Germany--PentixaPharm announced today to have secured € 15 million in a series A financing round led by ELSA Eckert Life Science Accelerator.

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