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Radiohybrid Technology

Corresponding ligands

rhPSMAs (Dx, Tx)
rhTATE (Dx)
Chelator With Radiometal
Trifunctional Linker
SiFA With Fluorine-18

A novel class of Radiopharmaceuticals

Radiohybrids are radiopharmaceuticals that address all aspects of theranostics: thy can be labeled with 18F, 68Ga or other positron-emitting radiometals for PET (Dx) or with therapeutic radionuclides such as 177Lu or 225Ac for radioligand therapy (Tx). 

Radiohybrids comprise two labelling sites, one for fluorine and one for a metal. Both are present, however only one is radioactive. In the case of the 18F-labeld radiopharmaceutical, the second labeling site is complexed with a non-radioactive metal. If the radiohybrid is labeled with a radiometal, non-radioactive fluorine is present in the fluorine-binding moiety. Thus, e.g. the 18F-Radiohybrid and the corresponding 177Lu-Radiohybrid are chemically identical, which offers new perspectives for a personalized treatment of patients.