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On-Cartridge Drying

Corresponding ligands

Hydrated Fluorine-18 Anion
Non-Azeotropic Drying
Naked Fluorine-18 Anion

For the accelerated production of our 18F-peptides

For this purpose, SCINTOMICS exploits two unique 18F-labeling technologies that avoid time-consuming azeotropic drying of 18F-fluoride. While both techniques are based on ´on-cartridge drying´, they differ in the basicity of the final labeling reaction. Recently, an improved drying method has been developed that allow label even complex peptides with 18F-fluorine by isotopic exchange that are unstable under basic conditions (Method A). Similar to the established ´Munich Method´ (Method B), this novel technique result in a rapid incorporation of 18F-fluoride into peptides at room temperature within 5 min or less and allow for the production of 18F-peptides and peptide-like ligands on a >100GBq scale within about 15 minutes EOB under GMP conditions.