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Isotopic exchange

Corresponding ligands

Activated Fluorine-18
Cold Fluorine-18

18F-Labeling Technology

We are convinced that 18F-labeled radiopharmaceuticals should find wider application in the imaging arm (Dx) of theranostic concepts. 

While the use of positron-emitting radiometals will also be important in the future, we are promoting the use of 18F-fluorine and thus a return to the excellent radionuclidic and economic properties of this isotope. For this purpose, SCINTOMICS exploits unique 18F-labeling technologies that are based on isotopic exchange of suitable Silicone-based precursors (Silicon-Fluorine acceptors, SiFAs). 

We are convinced that the Isotopic Exchange on SiFAs still hold many pleasant surprises and that it will provide further opportunities for future applications in the near future.